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Press Release

Under the motto ‘Created with passion, designed to perfection’, QuickStep is launching more than 40 new laminate floors in 2010. The Vogue collection is the absolute eye catcher together with the new fantasy patterns in the Arte range.

 Thanks to the attractive appearance of this stylish and aged oak floor, Vogue is the highest positioned range of laminate floors that QuickStep has ever offered.
In addition, QuickStep is presenting a new collection of 8 mm laminate floors, called QuickStep Elite, with subtle bevelled edges that highlight the transition between the floor boards.
QuickStep Go is another newcomer, a basic series of 7 mm thick laminate floors with the appearance of refined strips.
The QuickStep Largo, Eligna, Perspective and Classic ranges have been extended and now include attractive, modern prints and colours, while scratch guard and splash warranty ensure that the beauty of your QuickStep floor is even more durable.
And last but not least, if you are installing a QuickStep floor yourself, you’ll appreciate the new, multi-functional pipe covers. These provide an effective and easy finish around heating pipes, with a print that is in perfect harmony with the floor.
1/    New QuickStep® Vogue range : Laminate has never been so true to nature
The absolute showcase for 2010 is the brand new QuickStep® Vogue series, a collection of floors that combines the charm of aged oak with the quality of QuickStep® laminate, thanks to a unique method patented by QuickStep®.

The QuickStep® design team found inspiration for this top range in the unique elegance and lush patterns of aged oak floors in old mansions. To reproduce the authentic look and feel as true to nature as possible, the QuickStep® product developers came up with a patented process that affects the edge bevelling as well as the unique surface structure of the floor planks.
UVG 1392 – Rustic Oak Cottage QuickStep® Vogue
The result is a laminate floor full of character that pleases everyone and is suitable for every interior. No matter whether you prefer rustic, cottage or design: one of the 6 patterns will undoubtedly be a floor for you.

Vogue was developed with the greatest respect for all the details of an aged oak floor:

1. Matt and glossy parts
Real aged oak floor planks have hard and soft parts. The harder, higher parts of the plank have a matt appearance while the lower parts are softer and have a more glossy finish. This difference in glossiness has to do with the varnish layer on real oak planks.  Intense walking wears the varnish layer on the higher parts faster while it remains intact on the lower parts. The playful combination of matt and glossy parts highlights the lush pattern of oak wood and gives every Vogue plank that extra freshness
2. Wood-grain patterns that feel like nature
The aged aspect of QuickStep® Vogue is also obvious from the unique, patented surface structure. The planks do not only have a tangible deep grain, the transition between the harder and softer parts of the wood is also very gradual, just like real oak planks.
3. Unique edge bevelling of the planks
Unlike other laminate manufacturers, QuickStep® applies the same laminate as the top surface to protect these edges. This patented technique makes the joints of QuickStep® floors equally wear- and scratch-resistant as the top surface, and this lengthens the life span of the floor.

The unique edge finish has an important aesthetic advantage: the wood-grain structure of the plank flows seamlessly into the joints, and the colour of the joint matches the colour of the seam perfectly. This unique edge finish is applied to both the long and the short side of every Vogue plank.  
To highlight the aged and authentic character of the floor even more, the edges of the planks are not straight but bevelled and form an irregular pattern. (patented development)
Six unique designs

The QuickStep® Vogue range consists of 6 designs that can be divided into three styles :
Authentic : The appearance of this floor is very close to that of an aged oak floor and is exceptionally true to nature.
Modern : The authentic structure and style of oak is preserved, however, the planks have a contemporary colour for a more modern look and feel.
Trendy :
UVG 1394 – Oak White Passionata - QuickStep® Vogue
The “Trendy” floors have the very special and precious charm of a new oak parquet floor, finished with a single tone (white or beige) matt coating. The two striking designs are a true image of a white and beige painted oak floor, without compromising the excellent wood-grain structure of oak.

Thanks to their exceptional character, both floors received the Designers’ Choice label. This label stands for the ultimate eye catcher, for products that the designers of QuickStep® are extremely proud of. QuickStep® floors with the Designers’ Choice label excel thanks to their exceptional and timeless design.
2/    Upgrade in the 8 mm laminate series: QuickStep® Elite

The Elite range was developed specially for consumers who want elegant and sophisticated planks with subtle highlights. QuickStep® Elite is a series of oak laminate floors whose slim joints provide a refined transition of the floor panels.   


1. Refined joint

Elite floor planks have a micro-seam that creates a subtle transition from one floor plank to the next. This extremely narrow seam refers to the initial stages of floor ageing. Real wooden floors contract and expand due to temperature and humidity variations, creating a subtle seam between the planks over time.

2. Silverfrost technology: striking shades of glossiness in the grain
UE 1388 – Old Oak Grey Planks QuickStep® Elite
Thanks to the revolutionary Silverfrost Technology applied to the surface structure, a selection of QuickStep® Elite floors have a very special look and feel. (UE1406/UE1387/UE1388/UE1389) When light falls on these matt floors, they have a striking glossy appearance. The result is a trendy floor that will shine for ever in your home.
Eight designs

The elegant Elite range consists of 8 designs available in two types: on the one hand rustic, classic oak in a modern set of colours, and on the other hand old oak with matt-gloss finish.  

-    Rustic, classic oak:

This type repeats the attractive classic designs of the Eligna and Perspective range.    
The aged light oak and the natural light-grey oak varnished planks are two varieties of rustic oak floors with a matt finish and a light colour. They are especially suitable for rustic interiors.
The oak Elite floors with a dark-grey and black varnish can be combined perfectly with today's popular design colours, in both a classic as well as a modern interior.
-    Old oak with unique Silverfrost Technology

When light falls on these matt Vogue floors, they have a striking glossy appearance. This is the result of Silverfrost Technology.
3/    Addition to the basic range: QuickStep® Go
QSG048 -  Natural Varnished Oak Planks QuickStep® Go
For spaces such as bedrooms, demand is increasing for laminate floors with the appearance of narrow parquet strips. Multistrips give certain wood varieties an extra dimension and create a more playful and trendy look and feel. For this reason, QuickStep® developed the new Go range, with planks containing 4, 5 and even ten strips. The width of the strips is always adapted to the structure and the character of the wood variety.

In addition, the QuickStep Go range also has three floors with a single-plank design, for example Homage oak. These floors are available in two versions: grey oiled (QSG 1379) and black (QSG 1380). They are inspired by the knotty, heavily worn floors of traditional taverns.

QuickStep Go is 7 mm thick like the other basic laminate ranges and it meets the same standards regarding quality, design and innovation as the other QuickStep® ranges.

1. Four, five or ten strips with modified surface structure

Most QuickStep Go planks have 4, 5 or 10 parallel strips, depending on the type and character of the wood variety. Maple for example is the most attractive with 5 strips. Wenge is more subdued with 10 strips.   

2. The appearance is not artificial

None of the panels have short pieces at the ends. This means the floor looks more natural, even in large rooms.

3. No white joints

The short sides of the QuickStep® Go planks are stained so white joints are never visible where planks are clicked together. This also increases the natural appearance of the floor.

4. Fresh colours and basic wood varieties

QuickStep® Go consists of
-    three oak designs with 4 strips with matching varnish finish
-    maple and teak versions with 5 strips, finished with a matt structure varnish
-    wenge with 10 strokes. To give this exotic wood its calm character, the QuickStep® design team opted for an extremely matt finish.
Nine designs
3 Single-stroke designs and 6 Multistrip designs

4/    Rustic oak in the QuickStep® Largo collection   
To meet the demand for extra-long and extra-wide planks, QuickStep® launched the Largo range with planks which are 2 m long and 20.5 cm wide in 2009. This floor was immediately a hit. So QuickStep®  is now adding four varieties in rustic oak to the 7 existing designs of the Largo collection. They have a rustic look and feel with large knots and rays, and a unique surface structure that is distinctive thanks to the matt finish combined with glossy wood-grain.

1. Exceptionally long and wide – also for smaller spaces

QuickStep® Largo meets consumer demands for long and wide planks that give a space more depth. To make the floor suitable for all living areas, QuickStep® chose an elegant size that is not bombastic:  205 cm long x 20.5 cm wide. This balanced length/width ratio means that a Largo floor can work wonders in smaller spaces too.

2. No inconvenient design repeats

On the long and wide planks of our competitors, a specific pattern is repeated on the same plank. A plank may for example have the same knot twice. With QuickStep® Largo, these annoying design repeats on the same plank are practically non-existent. The result is an extremely attractive, natural floor that consists of a natural mix of plank variations.  

3. Joints in harmony

The grooves around the planks are designed in such a way that they match the character of the wood variety perfectly.

4. Deep surface structures

In 2009, QuickStep® developed a new generation of laminate floors with a bold, deep surface structure.  This was the laminate specialist’s answer to the increasing demand for aged floors with an explicit wood structure. By giving the floor various degrees of gloss, the polished, baroque character of the floor is emphasised more strongly.
The vintage dark oak (LPU1287) soon became a consumer favourite. So in 2010, QuickStep®  is launching four new designs with an extra deep surface structure.

Four new designs
The new designs are the perfect answer to increased demand for aged, rustic floors in oak, which is still the most popular wood variety. They have large knots, lush patterns, visible rays in the large wood grain, and a deep structure. The colours vary from light to natural and from trendy grey to black.
The four new designs work perfectly in a classic interior, but the latest high-contrast trend also means they are extremely suitable for minimalist, modern interiors.
5/    New designs in the Eligna and Perspective range
In the popular Eligna and Perspective ranges, QuickStep®  introduces new designs every year to meet contemporary trends. This is also the case in 2010. The most popular wood variety, oak, was selected once again, but this time around in warm, grey colours and with a high matt finish.  
U1385 – Dark Heritage Oak planks  QuickStep® Eligna
Available as : 
U:    plank floor without groove
UL:    plank floor with groove on long side
UF:    plank floor with groove on short and long side
6/    Addition to the QuickStep® Classic range

In 2010, QuickStep® is adding 5 new designs to the Classic range. The impression finish (code QSM) makes the size of the planks more visible and means the floor has more depth.

This addition consists of 4 new designs in old oak and striking modern colours. The fifth new addition is Norwegian pine that has more of a design look with smaller knots and is perfect for bedrooms or kids’ rooms thanks to its lighter hue.

The unique Silverfrost Technology is also applied to the four designs in old oak, just like the Elite range:  when light falls on the planks, the floor has a very special glossy appearance.
7/    Carrara marble and leather in the QuickStep® Arte range

There was a time when laminate was only available in wood or tile motifs (ceramic or natural stone). Since 2008, QuickStep® has made it possible to combine the practical benefits of laminate with the look and feel of large concrete tiles.  Arte stands for a collection of XL tiles of 62.4 x 62.4 cm with a subtle V groove on all sides. The tiles are 9.5 mm thick and you can lay them easily yourself thanks to the Uniclic installation system.

In 2010, trendsetter QuickStep® is taking it one step further and is adding three attractive designs to the Arte range.  These are fantasy motifs in line with the latest trends of using natural and precious materials in the home.

With the Carrara marble and leather look, QuickStep® brings exclusive luxury to an affordable level.


1. Carrara marble
UF1400  - Marble Carrara QuickStep® Arte
Precious materials were generally reserved for mansions and castles but their exclusive character is currently very popular in modern interiors.  
QuickStep® therefore developed a magnificent tile inspired by matt carrara marble. Carrara marble is from the region of Carrara, and a favourite because of its attractive appearance. The material reflects excellent style and class.

Carrara marble is a natural stone with a white background and a balanced distribution of veins. Thanks to its technical know-how of production techniques, QuickStep® has succeeded in combining the charm of carrara marble with all the practical benefits of laminate. 
2. Leather look
UF1402 – Leather Tile Dark QuickStep® Arte
With the leather-look, Arte tiles QuickStep® is launching an exclusive natural product in a unique size and equally astonishing style.  The texture of the tile has the typical grain of leather including insect bites and scratches that refer to the authentic nature of real leather.

Tiles have subtle V grooves on all sides that highlight the size of the tiles even more.

Tiles with a leather look create an exceptional warm atmosphere in your interior. Both the dark and the light version of the leather tile carry the Designers' Choice label, a distinction that the designers of QuickStep® grant to a product that they are exceptionally proud of.
8/    An even more scratch-resistant top layer thanks to Scratch Guard
Micro-scratches, caused for example by playing children or pets, can give your floor a dull, matt appearance. Not so with QuickStep®. Scratch Guard technology, the result of many years of research, makes the top layer of QuickStep® even more scratch-resistant and provides extra protection. The secret is in the presence of nano-particles in the top layer.   Tests have shown that QuickStep® laminate floors with Scratch Guard are up to ten times more scratch-resistant than laminate floors without scratch guard.
9/    Splash Warranty
Spilling water on a QuickStep® laminate floor is no problem. With the exception of the basic ranges Go and Classic, all QuickStep® laminate floors carry the Splash Warranty label. This makes the laminate floors resistant to small amounts of spilt water and consequently, suitable for kitchens.

Humidity resistance is however not the same as damp-proof. Water must, in principle, never be allowed to stand on a laminate floor. QuickStep® developed the Lagune range especially for bathrooms: it’s a laminate floor that was designed to be used in damp rooms.
10/    New accessories: multifunctional pipe covers
QuickStep® has come up with a handy solution to finish off the floor around heating pipes with matching, multifunctional pipe covers and laminate stickers.
Thanks to the removable inner rings, a single pipe cover provides a solution for pipes varying from 15 to 22 mm. This means that consumers always have the right solution at hand. Laminate stickers which are available in the design and with a surface structure to match the floor, are applied to the pipe covers.  Result: a perfectly finished floor.